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Custom Barrel and Action Work

Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles
Barrel and Action Work
Metal Finishing
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Mark Pharr
Round Rock, TX 78681
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Rebarrel Remington: Lap Lugs, Thread Barrel, Chamber, Crown Barrel and 220 Grit Polished Finish $300
Rebarrel Winchester, Ruger #1, and Kimber (or any other model with Extractor Slots): Machine Extractor Slots, Lap Lugs, Thread Barrel, Chamber, Crown Barrel and 220 Grit Polished Finish $325
Blue Printing: Square Threads to Bolt Body, Square, Receiver, Bolt Face and Precision Ground Oversized Lug $250
Rechamber or Set Back, Index Barrel and Recrown $150 and Up
Thread Anschutz Action and Square (new barrel installation) $125
Remington Bolt Stop/Release Modification (allows for top down release) $125
Break-In New Barrel (plus cost of ammo) $75 and Up
Cut and Recrown Barrel $75 and Up
Firing Pin Bushing (machine Remington bolt and install precision bushing to .062") $120
M-16 Style Extractor: Machining and Installation $175 and Up
Muzzle Brake Installation (custom fit to barrel) $220
Muzzle Brake Cap (Thread Protector)- Cap only $30
Muzzle Brake Cap (Thread Protector)- Custom fit and machined to match barrel contour. Additional charges may apply if barrel is coated. $60
Extended Bolt Knob (Includes Custom Machined and Finished Knob) $110 and Up
Thread Barrel (muzzle end) $150
Additional Throating (provide *dummy* round with no powder or primer) $50
Trigger Adjustment (Included Custom Tension Springs) $65

Muzzle Brake - Loose

Muzzle Brake - Tight

Muzzle brake loose
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Extended Bolt Knob

Extended Bolt Knobs